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Are Swim Parkas Waterproof

Swim parkas have become super popular among swimmers. They're like the ultimate cozy and convenient companion for pre- and post-swim adventures. But here's the big question: Are they waterproof?

Well, if we're being technical, most swim parkas aren't actually waterproof. Instead, they're usually water-resistant with a cozy inner lining for extra warmth.

The outer shell of a swim parka does provide some protection against water. It's designed to repel water to a certain extent, keeping you shielded from light rain, splashes, or water spray. But let's not confuse swim parkas with heavy-duty raincoats. They're not meant to withstand downpours for long periods of time—so don't go chasing waterfalls in your swim parka!

Now, let's talk about the difference between water-resistant and waterproof…..

Water-resistant fabrics have been treated with a coating or finish that helps prevent water from seeping into the material. Instead, the water beads up and rolls off. These fabrics can handle light rain or splashes without a problem, but if you're stuck in the rain, they will eventually give in and let some water through.

On the other hand, waterproof materials are the next level. They're designed to keep water out, even when it's raining torrential. These fabrics have multiple layers and high-tech seam-sealing techniques to make sure no water sneaks in. It's like wearing an impenetrable force field against H2O!

Now, here's the thing—swim parkas may not be fully waterproof, but that's totally okay. Their main purpose is to keep swimmers warm and make their lives easier before and after swimming sessions. They've got your back, even if they're not ready to battle a full-blown monsoon.

Now, let me tell you a little secret about our AquaDash Swim Parkas:

While the outer shell of our AquaDash swim parkas is water-resistant (think repelling light raindrops), it's not waterproof like a raincoat and we don’t recommend using it as such. But hold on! We've got a super effective watertight technique going on that prevents water from sneaking inside……

And guess what? It works both ways! So, if your swimsuit is still wet when you're rocking your swim parka in the car, not a single drop will find its way through to the outer shell. We've put our parkas to the test—pour a cup of water on the inner lining, give it a good squeeze, and voila! Not a single drop will make it to the other side.

That's what makes our swim parkas extra special—they go the extra mile to keep your car seats dry and cozy. So, no need to worry about leaving a wet trace behind when you're on the move!  Just remember, they're not invincible raincoats, but they've got your back when it comes to repelling light rain and keeping you cozy on your way home.

So, grab your swim parka and dive into ultimate warmth and convenience!