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Care Instructions

Care for your Swim Parka in summary:
  • Can machine wash
  • Dry inside out
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not pack or store while wet
  • Do not dry clean, bleach or iron
  • Watch for rough edges around the pool or concrete surfaces – they can create pulls in the fabric
TIP: Surprisingly, our Swim Parkas don’t take on the chlorine smell as much as a regular towel. After use, simply turn inside out to air dry until needed again. If they are aired out properly, you can put off washing your swim parka until after 8-10 times of using.

For those of you who like the details, read on!

Machine Wash
We recommend you turn your swim parka inside out when washing. Use a regular, cold cycle with a mild detergent

Dry inside out and when drying outside, do not hang in direct sunlight. The sun will cause your parka to fade quicker than expected.
Do not dry your swim parka in a dryer as it will damage the effectiveness of the water proofing.

Do not pack or store your swim parka when wet. Moisture, darkness and heat can cause bacteria to breed and this will eat away at the fabric.

Do not dry clean, iron or bleach
Just don’t!

Avoid contact with rough surfaces
The edges of pools are often rough and abrasive so you do not slip when walking on them. Although it may not feel rough to you it will to your swim parka. The fabric of your swim parka can snag or pilling may occur when coming into contact with any rough surface. If you want to sit on the pool edge, its best to sit on a towel.