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Deck Coats - Are they only for Competition Swimmers?

We here at AquaDash believe that anyone who swims should enjoy the comfort, warmth and convenience of a deck coat!  And hey, why not look great what ever level of swimmer you are!

The term Deck Coat sounds like only professional swimmers use them so we we like to call them Swim Parkas - it sounds more inclusive of everyone!  From toddlers in swim lessons, to kids in squad through to us older people who like aqua aerobics and swimming laps they really are perfect for getting to and from the pool. 

If you have never heard of a deck coat before, you’ll be excited to know that something like this is available.

Deck Coats (more fondly known as Swim Parkas) are something you or your child can wear to and from the pool directly over bathers.  No more public change rooms necessary and they protect your car seats.

If the coat is being used for water sports, it keeps the swimmer warm and snug during periods of being out of the water.  Designed to lock in warmth, our deck coat maintains body heat and keeps you warm until you hop back into the water!

The AquaDash coats are extra long and can be worn to the ankles for little kids and mid calf for adults ensuring that warmth we promise!  And the lush inner toweling dries you off beautifully.  However, if you prefer to dry off a little between swims, we have handy quick dry towels that complement the parka perfectly to keep it a little drier between wears.

When it’s time to go home, simply slip on your coat and you can sit in the car comfortably until you get home to shower. Even better, the specially treated polyester outer shell will keep your car seats dry the whole time!

What could be easier?

No more change rooms or getting dressed when you are not completely dry. Or getting changed in public when kids reach that private age! Just slip on a Swim Parka and head on home.

Remember, our Swim Parkas are not only for professional swimmers. They are great for just visiting the local pools for fun and exercise, the beach or even in your backyard.

An AquaDash Swim Parka really can make life easier for both you and your child. Buy one today and see the difference it can make in the time it takes you to get home from swimming.